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Top +10 3D Illustration Prompts to Create Trending AI Images using Bing

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Today in this post, I’m sharing trending 3D AI Image Prompts on Instagram with you all. With the help of these prompts, you can create a 3D AI image with your name in just one click using the Bing Image Creator tool.

In this post, we’ve provided more than 40 AI image prompts, which will create various types of 3D AI images. We’ve prepared all these AI prompts based on the trending topics on social media. For example, one AI image that’s going viral on Instagram shows a boy sitting on top of Instagram logos, with the Instagram page and profile image in the background. We’ve included the prompt for this image in this post as well. Additionally, we’ve provided prompts for creating AI images with wing chairs.

Below the AI image preview, there’s a “Create 3D AI Image” button. By clicking on it, you’ll be able to create trendy AI images in the blink of an eye.

Note: Before using these AI images, you’ll need to create an account on Bing Image Creator and sign in to Bing. To learn the complete process of creating an account in Bing Image Creator, read this part of the post.

Preview Of Ai Image with Prompts

Social Media Logo Background AI Images Prompts


trending 3d ai image prompts 18889458773877918402
Instagram 3d Ai Profile image

#instagram cool by 3d ai image

trending 3d ai image prompts 118871518214485911847
Boy sitting on Instagram logo

#19 boy sitting on Wing chair ai image

trending 3d ai image prompts 95784804442165809977
Viral wing chair ai image

# 21 year old couple sitting on Wing chair 3d Ai Image with “Name”

trending 3d ai image prompts 106754932464980200555
Couple Ai Image

AI Wings Chair Couple Photo Text Prompt for Bing Image Creator

# Morden Couple sitting on Car Ai Image

20240127 1949164637811847780614765

# Couple sitting on sofa Ai image

trending 3d ai image prompts 43839058921094973070

# Single boy posing in wing chair

trending 3d ai image prompts 36950558276183764667

# Break up Moment between couple ai image

trending 3d ai image prompts 51799180666020537983

#19 year old cute couple ai image

#Ai image

trending 3d ai image prompts 71344241180685615001
Cute couple girl and boy

#Ai image

3d ai image 21182758621490072309
Cartoon couple at tajmahal

#Ai image

trending 3d ai image prompts 66823995174917505180
Free fire lover

“Create a 3D illusion for a profile picture where a 25-Year-old cute boy in a dark blue hoodie sitting casually on a white Cycle. Wearing sneaker and sunglasses, He looks ahead. The background features “FREE FIRE” in big and capital yellow neon light fonts on the dark grey wall. and there are Blue neon glow wings to make it appear as if he is an angel.”

Details: Of 3D Trending Ai Image Prompts

Name(name) 3d Ai Prompts
Type Text to image prompts
Quality Realistic 3D Ai Image
Total image 4×4 = 16 images
Ai image Generator Bing image creator
Prompts By


How To Generate 3D Ai Image Using Prompts in Bing ?

To Create Bing Ai Image Following this Simple Step:

Step:1 Sign up In Bing Image Creator

To make an account on Bing Image Creator, first, go to the Bing Image Creator and click “Join.” Then, fill in your email, name, country, and birth date, and click “Next.” Check your email for a code, enter it, and click “Next” again.

Now, solve a puzzle by matching images. If the left image points one way, make sure the right one matches. Finally, click “Submit” to finish making your account on Bing.

Step: 2 Copy Ai Prompts And Paste it on Bing Image Creator

  1. Under each image on the post, you’ll find a button labeled “Use this template.” Click on it and then copy the AI prompts.
  2. Now, go to the bottom right corner of the website and click on the “Link” button. Then Paste the copied prompts into the box.
  3. Modify the prompts according to your needs and then click on the “Create” button to generate the AI image. If you’re not satisfied with the generated image, you can use the prompts multiple times.
  4. Download the generated AI image, click on the image and then tap on the three dots. Finally, click on the download option.


About Bing AI Image Generator Tool ?

This is an artificial intelligence technology that allows users to turn their imagination into an image. So, in short, we can say that the Bing AI Images generator tool is very helpful in creating images from your imagination, and Bing Ai image creator tool is the best.

What do you need to do to create 3D images in Bing AI?

First, you need to create an account on Bing and sign in. Then, you have to write or paste prompts in the box. After that, the Bing AI image generator tool creates 4 images based on the prompt, which you can also download.

Which is best Ai image Generator Tool?

Currently, the Microsoft Bing AI Image Generator tool is the best. It allows users to create images within 5 seconds by providing prompts to the AI.

How To Swap Ai Image face with your own Face ?

So friends, if you want to see your face in the 3D AI image created with Bing Image Creator, then you’ll need to do a face swap. And this task is very easy. To swap faces in AI images, you can use the following two websites:

Here, you’ll find the complete process of how to swap faces on the website. And for your information, you can swap faces of multiple people on both websites.

To Swap Face Follow This simple step in : Pica Ai


First, visit Remaker Ai and click on your desired option from the menu provided. You’ll find three options: Face Swap, Multiple Face Swap, and Video Face Swap. Select “Multiple” if there are more than one person in the AI image frame. Then, click on “Upload” to upload the AI image. The website will automatically detect faces in the AI image and prompt you to upload your photo. Upload the photo of the face you want to show on the AI image. Make sure your photo is clear for better results.

My name is Sonu, and video and photo editing is our love. We provide you a comprehensive selection of current viral reel templates on our website, along with step-by-step guides to help you unleash your creativity. Also, find out Lightroom presets to improve the quality of your images.

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