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Top 150 Lightroom presets To Enhance Photos just one click

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Today, I am providing you with 150 Lightroom presets in this post, which you can use to enhance your photos. These Lightroom presets are all different from each other; some are cinematic, some are for outdoor settings, and some are presets to improve portrait photography. So, if you want to edit photos more easily, you can download and use all these Lightroom presets.

Specialties: The special thing about all these Lightroom presets is that you can easily use them on Lightroom Mobile as well as on laptops, and you can also share them with friends. And the best part is that all these Lightroom presets are in xmp format, which makes their size very small.

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Details: Of 150 Lightroom presets name

Name(Name ) Lightroom presets
Type Photo Editing Preset for Lightroom
FormatDNG Or XMP
Total Quantity 154
Required appLightroom App
Made by

Short information of Lightroom presets-

Features: of Lightroom presets

List 5

How To Use Xmp Lightroom Presets ?

The Xmp preset of Lightroom preset is very small in size and it is very easy to use. So, follow the steps below to use the xmp preset.

  1. Explore Lightroom preset: First, visit and click on the Lightroom preset category from the menu. Then, open the post and download the xmp Lightroom preset in zip format.
  2. Install Lightroom App: To use Lightroom presets, install the Lightroom Mobile app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  3. Sign up in Lightroom: Now, open your Lightroom Mobile app and sign in with your Gmail account. You can also use Lightroom without signing in, but I recommend signing in with your Gmail account for a better experience.
  4. Add Preset: After logging in, open a photo in your Lightroom app to edit. Click on the “Presets” option appearing on the leftmost side. Then, click on the three dots in the top right corner. Now, click on the “Import” option. Open the folder where you downloaded the Lightroom preset zip file, long press on the zip file to select it, and then click on “Select” in the top right corner to add the xmp preset to Lightroom.
  5. Apply preset :Now, you’ll find the xmp preset added by you under the “Presets” option, from where you can apply it to your photos.

After carefully following all these steps, you can add the xmp format Lightroom preset to Lightroom and apply it to your photos.

My name is Sonu, and video and photo editing is our love. We provide you a comprehensive selection of current viral reel templates on our website, along with step-by-step guides to help you unleash your creativity. Also, find out Lightroom presets to improve the quality of your images.

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