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Generate King And Queen Viral Couple AI image Using Bing Image Creator

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Friends, these days the “King and Queen viral AI Image” on Instagram is trending a lot, and people are creating Reels videos by generating this 3D couple’s King and Queen image. So, inspired by this trend, today we have prepared this post to show you how you can create this viral “King and Queen viral couple AI image” in Bing Image Creator. Let me highlight some points of the post to tell you what we will be covering here.


The AI image with King and Queen is currently trending content on Instagram. Many Reels videos have been created by generating this image, such as “Wo kya kahte hai Angreji me, ham Tumhara King aur tum hamari queen .”

We will learn: Generate king and queen viral couple Ai Image using prompts in bing image creator

Below, I have included a prompt along with the image for the preview. To create an image similar to the review image, click on the “use this template” button below the image. With this, you will be able to instantly create a king and queen ai image for couple who sitting on wings Chair.

Note: Sign in to Microsoft Bing before clicking “Use This Template” button to generate the Ai image. You can only generate the AI image after signing in. For more info on signing in to Bing, Click Here

Preview Of Ai Image with Prompts

King and Queen viral couple Ai Image

king and queen viral couple ai image 18028878723520804501

King and Queen couple sitting on Neon Wings Chair

king and queen viral couple ai image 52580892506042047342

King and Queen couple wearing traditional attire & royal attire

king and queen viral couple ai image 33432454290296331616

Morden King and Queen couple Ai Image

king and queen viral couple ai image 42699273539432759335

3d Couple in top of the world

king and queen viral couple ai image 23032496370765340645

Details: King And Queen Viral Couple AI image

Ai Image Name King and Queen viral Ai image
Type Realistic, 3D illusion , Profile picture
Aspect ratio 1:1 pixels size 1024×1024
Generated By Bing image creator
Designed by Text Ai Prompts

This King And Queen Viral Couple AI image has been created with the help of Bing AI Image Creator, which is working on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. And There user can create many types of pictures with the help of prompt. The prompt is a way to give orders to the Ai tool to create an image. Which we commonly call text into image. So by following this type of prompt, we have generated 3d realistic King And Queen Viral Couple AI image with name.

Features :

  • Easy to use
  • Use Ai Prompts Multiple times
  • Useable for social media trend
  • There Are 4 Quantity of similar image
  • Face swapable

Generate King and Queen Viral Couple Ai images in Bing image creator

wp 17065420930944424331924110900695
Generate Ai images in bing

#Step 1 : Go to bing And Sign in

To generate King and Queen couple AI Image in Bing, first of all you have to sign in to Microsoft’s Bing, or if you have never created an account in Bing, then you will have to complete the entire process of creating an account in Bing by clicking on the button given below.

#Step 2 : Click “Use This Template” To Generate Ai Image

Now after creating an account and signing in to Microsoft Bing, use the 3D illusion Ai Images Prompts provided by us. To use AI Prompts in our, click the “use this template” button below the preview image. After this, it will automatically take you to Bing Image Creator with prompts., there you can make changes in the prompts as per requirement.

Note: Do not forget to change the name in the AI prompt, for example, if the name ‘Sonu’ is written in the prompt, then write your name in that place

Below, we have provided another button. It is for adding your face on faces generated by Bing AI.


If you create a King And Queen Viral Couple AI image with your name and then make a video of the same image with the Hindi dialogue ” wo kya kahte hai angreji me , ham Tumhara King aur Tum hamari Queen ” and upload it on the reels of Instagram, I swear this video will be seen by many people. They will like it very much. If nothing else, at least you can surprise your partner by creating such a couple of AI images. And the special thing about these AI images is that you can put your face on them. So that’s all for today, we will meet again, till then don’t let the love diminish.

My name is Sonu, and video and photo editing is our love. We provide you a comprehensive selection of current viral reel templates on our website, along with step-by-step guides to help you unleash your creativity. Also, find out Lightroom presets to improve the quality of your images.

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