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Full Information: How To Sign in To Create Ai Images

If you are here to learn how to sign in to to Generate 3D AI images using the prompts provided by, then you are in the right place. Let’s get straight to it! We’ll walk you through the steps in simple words including helpful video tutorials.

We will learn: Full information About Generate AI Images in bing.

Highlights: bing image creator service created by Microsoft bing, where users create 3D illusion Ai images with prompts in the Ai Image Creator tool.

Create Account in Microsoft bing


Create Account in Microsoft bing : Open your web browser and go to the homepage.

sign in bing ai image generate7208492619522846286


Click on “Sign in”: Locate the “Sign in” button on the top right corner of the Bing homepage and click on it.

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Choose “Sign up” or “Create one”: On the sign-in page, if you don’t have a Microsoft account yet, look for the option to “Sign up” or “Create one” and click on it.

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Enter your information: You’ll be prompted to enter your information, including your name, desired email address, password, country/region, birth date, and phone number.

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how to generate ai images using bing 47575103222725839864


Verify your email or phone number: Microsoft may ask you to verify your email address or phone number to complete the registration process. Follow the instructions sent to your email or phone to verify your account.

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Solve puzzle: To solve this puzzle you will see two pictures on the screen.  You need to align the image of the right side, according to the direction of the image of the left.  For example, if the left-hand image is pointing east, rotate the right-hand images to the same east direction.

Keep in mind that the front part of the image on the right hand side should also be in the direction of the finger of the left hand image. Click on the arrow below the image on the right side to rotate it and when you feel that the directions of both the images are the same, click on the Next button. This way, you can solve puzzles in Bing.

how to generate ai images using bing 67871192491319823336

Prosess is completed

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Access Bing services: After completing the registration, you can now use Bing Image Creator to create images in that browser.

Get Unlimited Prompts To Create Viral Ai Images


We provide all trending AI image prompts on, where you’ll find an array of unlimited pre-designed AI prompts, such as couple AI images, AI image with names, Wings Chair, and other categories of 3D prompts.

Visit and click on the “Generate 3d Ai” menu. Then, open the post of the type of AI image you want to create. There, below the AI image, click on the “Use this template” button to prepare a 3D image with your name in the Bing Image Creator.

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Video Tutorial


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